Tips to Remember Before Your Next Flight

Tips to Remember Before Your Next Flight

The airline industry has no doubt reached remarkable levels of safety, and you don’t have to worry about your safety when you are flying. The unmatched safety of airline industry is the main reason senior citizens across the globe prefer travelling by air. Despite the fact that airline industry is extremely safe, there is always room for improvement. As a passenger, there are certain things you can do to even better your own safety and that of others and to make the whole experience more pleasant. Since you are enjoying your golden years, you probably have nothing much to do, which means that you rarely have a tight schedule. For this reason, travelling the world is probably one of those things you do more often. In your next flight to your next destination, you should remember to do the following:

  1. Dress sensibly

Think of the best cloth to wear in your next flight and take a Medicare Supplement Rates 2020 when you travel which you can find at The best clothing for seniors to wear on a plane is made of woolen, breathable cotton blends. Wool is preferred because it is flame retardant. This is what makes it the most recommended material blend especially for fabric-covered airline seats. Make sure your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose. Loose clothes can increase your likelihood of falling while tight clothes will make you feel uncomfortable. If you are a woman, avoid heels and instead go for flat shoes. You never know when an evacuation will be necessary, and trying to run in heels is the last thing you want especially at your age.

  1. Know your surrounding

It’s important that you plan your highly unlikely escape immediately you get into the plane. Know your nearest exit as soon as you sit down so that in case you have to crawl below smoke or in the dark, you will be able to gauge where and how far the distance to the nearest exit door is.

  1. Mind your budget

While you travel the world and enjoy your twilight years, the last thing you want is to run out of money. This is why you should mind your budget while booking your next flight. Find ways to reduce the cost of your travel. For instance, ask if there are any discounts or special offers for senior citizens. Many airlines have great offers for those who are 65 years and above. To benefit from these offers, ask about them. You can also fly during off-peak seasons and days or time. Air tickets tend to be cheaper during weekdays and when during the time when there are no tourists.