Seniors Dental Health

The senior population is increasing more than ever, since people are taking better care of themselves than ever before. We now have various additives to our food than our grandparents never had and this can be a concern for many people. Eating healthy foods grown locally and not processed is one thing we can do for ourselves. Exercising our bodies daily can also be a deterrent to the aging process.

Yearly checkups with a physician will help ward off any diseases before they can take hold. Visiting a dentist twice a year for our teeth is very important too. As we age, the gums around our teeth may recede and we may need to have some extra procedure to help keep them healthy. Eating proper foods for tooth health is a necessity when we age and we need to take measures to keep them that way.

Drinking water is essential for, not only tooth health, but also to keep our bodies hydrated. As we get older, we tend to not eat or drink as much as we should. Many seniors will get dehydrated easily because of this. Drinking water is by far the best liquid to consume. Sugary drinks can be detrimental to our teeth, because it is known that sugar inhibits the growth of bacteria. Drinking water will help rinse the teeth often to get rid of this bacteria and keep the breath fresh. Many people combine this coverage with a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement.

One should also brush ones teeth twice a day to help remove bacteria and food that may remain on the teeth. Pockets in the gums may hold onto food and then plaque will grow and cause decay in a tooth. Sometimes as we age our teeth may loosen some. Cutting the food we eat in smaller portions will have less impact on the teeth and will be kinder to the teeth and gums.

Regular brushing twice a day is recommended for a healthy mouth. There are various toothpastes that will help keep our teeth healthy. Doing the brushing twice a day will help keep the food from settling in the gums and causing problems.

With our bodies changing as we age, we need to be aware of having a healthy mouth. Many diseases are related to the health of our teeth, so it is so important to be diligent about taking care of our teeth. So drink plenty of fluids, brush frequently and eat as many whole foods to protect the health of our teeth.