Avoid Parkinson’s disease by Eating a Balanced Diet

Avoid Parkinson’s disease by Eating a Balanced Diet

I agree with the fact that Parkinson’s disease is not only for those who drink a lot of alcohol or those who were legendary boxers like Mike Tyson. No! Parkinson’s disease is an illness caused by improper functioning of your nerves as far as the coordination of your muscles is concerned. With that idea in mind, your retirement may be a peaceful one if only you will consider 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans from https://www.2020medicaresupplementplans.com
. For some of the seniors, maintaining a balanced diet is like a puzzle because they may not know what it means when someone says a “balanced diet”. In this article, we will discuss some of the food stuffs that will help you maintain a balanced diet.

Fruits must be part of your daily diet

Fruits have an array of vitamins crucial to our senior bodies. You will be amazed to discover that fruits have a variety of vitamins some of which are too complex that we may not have the right names for them. In order to maintain a balanced diet, it is very crucial to make sure that you have a fruit or two. The fruits should not be of one type though. For example, for your lunch, you may have one or two guavas and banana. When it comes to your supper or dinner, you may have an orange plus a passion juice prepared and blended by you. The blended juice should not be added sugar at any given time. Fruits have their natural sugars crucial for your balanced diet.

Eat a lot of packed foods

Packed food does not mean that it should be packed in packets of lunch boxes. It means that they should be high in terms of fiber contents. With that very important fact, seniors need not to stick to over processed foods such a white bread alone. For your diet to be complete, you need to make sure that you eat foods which are high in terms of fiber. They are not essential but crucial for your peristalsis and digestion. Why have food back lock in your stomach when you simply need to ingest a few grams of high fiber foods.

Have a little of proteins in your food

Proteins does not mean that there must be one of two pieces of meat in your food daily. It means that your need to balance between white, red and leguminous seeds such as beans, peas and nuts. Proteins are crucial for tissues and muscle development especially because old age comes with wearing out of tissues.